“The greatest gift to our community would

be when we contribute to making lives better;

when we touch lives by the dint of donations

or charity, spreading light to the most needy,

and enlighten our souls in the process.”


Discretionary giving

At each annual meeting, our board selects a beneficiary for the following year's capital campaign. That selection process is informed by a variety of criteria including mission focus, organizational efficiency, leadership and perhaps most importantly: degree and timing of need. 

Our capital contribution stands both as a recognition of excellence in mission management and as acknowledgment that financial resources are often the only remaining piece in the "concept to implementation" puzzle. While our charter and larger mission is to help those who help others, we recognize that "dire and urgent" need is a condition not exclusive to well established philanthropies. 

25% of our yearly raise is earmarked for discretionary giving. Gifts from our discretionary line item range from replacing a youth sports team's dated equipment, to keeping a family financially afloat following the unexpected loss of a parent. 

Donors may opt-in or opt-out of our discretionary campaign.


If you would like to apply for consideration to receive discretionary funds, fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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