Fast For Josh

2016 Project: Hinsdale, NH – Baseball Field Lighting Installation 


Joshua James Perkins, my wife’s brother, passed peacefully in his sleep on April 10th, 2016. Josh was 37 and in perfect health. A brain aneurism, which was undiagnosed, ruptured and then he was gone.

We are raising $175,000 to put 90 ft. tall LED a Cal Ripken Youth Baseball Field in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Why are we doing this?

Simply: to pay tribute to someone we loved and lost. Josh’s family and friends were the most important part of his life. Then there was baseball. The game was in every corner of his being.

He grew up in a community that doesn’t have the extra resources to put lights on their youth baseball field. The high school also uses the field for girls’ softball. Scheduling is a huge problem. There are quite a few reasons why this community would make great use out of this resource.

Even if the magic of playing America’s game under the lights wasn’t enough. Wilder and I have again used the Hundred Hole Hike to launch this campaign. Our job will be done when we hear the crackle and buzz of the lights coming to life for the first time. If you knew Josh, you loved Josh and you know why we are driven to remember him this way. Through him, we are giving a great gift to the game he loved.

We are also providing a wonderful town and it’s selfless coaches, educators and volunteers with a resource that will help them continue to positively shape the children in their community. Hinsdale made Josh who he was and Josh made those around him better and happier people.

It’s too damn soon….and god we wish it wasn’t……but it’s time to bring his life full circle.