Fast for Jack

2015 Project: Weill Cornell New York Presbyterian NICU – General Gift 

Turning Birdies and Pars into Something Much, Much Bigger

I have been playing golf for about as long as I have been able to walk.

In 2015, my wife and I had our first child, a little boy named Jack. Jack was born at 25 weeks and was a very sick, but very perfect, little guy. Right from the start he fought like a sailor and hit like a ton of bricks, but life on this side of the line was not meant to be and Jack was called home at 3 days old.

Listless and heartbroken, Tim & Kelsey, with the invaluable help of their dear friend Wilder Harvard, found purpose and meaning in giving back to the teams that gave them the 51 invaluable hours with Jack.

We took on this challenge to raise a great deal of money for the hospital that fought so hard to keep our son with us. We walked the good walk to fight the good fight in the battle to better understand and manage preterm birth.

My wife and I have found great strength in our faith and feel that perhaps Jack's purpose was to give his life to inspire profound change in ours and in those who touched his battle. We also learned that a great causes garner great generosity as we received pledges and donations in access of $90,000.

It is important to note that 100% of our funds raised went directly to the hospital as we personally bear all costs of administration.