Our Story

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (note: when we started this, we too were surprised such a thing existed) there are over 1,500,000 non-profit organizations in the US. Most of them have a charter and mission dependent on the financial support of corporate entities, private individuals and family foundations. As you will read below, in starting the Fast For Endowment our initial intent was not to become non-profit no. 1,500,001 – but rather to support those who have dedicated a lifetime to providing critical care to newborns. During our time in the NICU at NYP Weill Cornell we witnessed many moments of heroism, joy, compassion, and triumph. We also witnessed incredible professionalism in the compassionate care for those who must say goodbye to a child. On March 1st, 2015, that was to be our fate. 

Our response was motivated by a very simple choice: be broken by the weight of the loss, or honor the fight. Beginning with the NICU, we chose to seek out those entirely too busy walking the walk to talk the talk. Across the country and across the globe, we want to find those incredible people and organizations working against long odds to treat, educate, mentor and coach humanity’s most vital resource. For it is they whom ensure that children shall never, ever, fight alone. 

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. We Choose to Honor the Fight.

Portrait of Jack by James Crowley

Portrait of Jack by James Crowley

Fast for Jack

On February 27, 2015, Tim and Kelsey Crowley had their first baby, born at 25 weeks.  Their son Jack fought hard for 2 days, but was just too sick to make it.  After such a tragic loss, the family searched for purpose while coping with the profound grief.  Later that year their good friend, Wilder Harvard, came to Tim with an invite to a charity golf event called the Hundred Hole Hike (HHH).  HHH was started by the great Jim Colton in response to the medical needs of a gravely injured employee at Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club, where Jim is a member.  It is a “bring your own charity” event – you and your teammate play 100 holes of golf to raise money for a charity of your choice.  When Wilder brought the concept to Tim, they decided to raise money for the New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell NICU, where Jack was cared for.  The boys would be “Fast For Jack” while playing the 100 holes to support the incredible NICU at NYP whose staff of earth angels were fast for him with the speed and quality of their care. 

That year they raised close to $90k for the NICU – showing us that a great cause can garner great generosity. 

Fast for Josh

In April of 2016, the family had another tragic loss with the sudden death of Kelsey’s brother after a ruptured brain aneurysm at the age of 36.  Again, searching for purpose to help ease the grief, the family wanted to find a way to honor his life while helping a cause close to his heart.  Josh grew up in a rural town in New Hampshire, and had a love for baseball from a very early age.  He especially excelled when he got to the age to play Little League and played for the Cal Ripken League of Hinsdale, NH.  Our “Fast For Josh” campaign was intended to support this League and in the process help many young kids from a low income community have access to an activity that kept them out of trouble, kept them healthy, and gave them a hope for an exciting future.  While working with the Cal Ripken League of Hinsdale, they learned that they were not a 501C3 organization, and therefore did not feel comfortable reaching out for funds. The family supported the League with a personal donation.

After two terrible and meaningful losses and wanting to find a way to give back in their honor, Tim, Kelsey, and Wilder decided to apply for their own 501C3 as to have the ability to keep paying it forward and support youth in need.